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Today is the day I found out there is no real alternative…..


Yesterday I was stumbled by the fact that Google decided to shut down Google Reader as part of their Spring cleanup. It was something at least I had never seem coming. As did a lot of my fellow Google Reader users who are disappointed by this fact.

So as of the 1st of July we need to find an alternative..... But is there one? I checked for the last 24 hours... installed some clients, but unfortunately.. Was not able to find a real alternative. Yes I looked at feedly, yes I looked at The old reader and yes I looked at newsblur.... This seem to be the 3 most mentioned alternatives.... But they all lack something I really liked about Google Reader. So developers out there.... please rebuild Google Reader from the ground up again with all the great features that I like so much about it.

  1. It's fast.... loading time for the web and on my Android devices was always short (Both newsblur and feedly really lack this speed - however this might have to do with the increase of new users after the Google announcement)
  2. It has multiplatform clients (Web, Android, iOS) that sync - I really hate it to see my feeds unread in my browser when I have read an article  5 minutes ago on my mobile phone. I access RSS feeds a lot on my mobile phone and tablets.. Honestly I think Google Reader is the most used app on my Android device, accessing it more than 15 times a day to see if something interesting has popped up.
  3. I like to be able to easily share it to other services (Pocket, Evernote, eMail) - interesting articles are not there for myself only. I share it with friends and colleagues... or when on the go and not having the time to extensively read it, post it to Pocket
  4. It has to have a 'clean browsing' option - I like all the fancy interfaces that feedly and newsblur offer, with all the colors, tiles, fancy HTML 5 magic, etc... but most of all I would like to navigate my feeds quickly and efficiently and read a lot of subject lines in one glance.

Rants and raves over.... Developers start making something beautiful please (that includes the above requirements)..... I can't believe RSS reading isn't a very nice mechanism to offer targeted ads - so even some money can be made here....

Are you aware of new development activities going on? Please let me know in the comments.... Looking forward to waste or uhhh .... spend time reading my RSS feeds in a worthy alternative before July 1st...

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