Geoffs hangout on the interwebs about stuff I like and do…

About me and this blog

Hi and welcome to my blog. My name is Geoffrey Stoel and I live in the Netherlands... I am married to one, father of two (boys) and working as a customer intelligence analyst at T-Mobile.

My interests are quite broad.... but I expect to be mainly writing here about stuff related to gadgets, everything that has to do with data analysis/science/mining, SAS, R, etc. and more general stuff about what's happening on the web.

So why (re)starting this blog..

Well this is about the third or fourth time I (re)start this blog... look at the older posts and the time gaps between and you'll see that there's not much content and a lot of time in between. But the last weeks I feel I can contribute some of  my knowledge and thoughts to the world. And what better way to do that than by posting to my blog and hopefully some people will comment on it and start a discussion about it.

One special category on this blog will be about War Child. A Dutch NGO helping children in post war areas, getting back to a normal live again. As part of my responsibilities at T-Mobile I am supporting WarChild with insides/expertise from the telecoms industry.

If you got this far reading... wow I am impressed. You might like the rest that is coming.